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SpeedFlyingAbout SpeedFlying

SpeedFlying is very young kind of sport. It has only 3 years old. Although many people say that the start from the slope is "reinvent the wheel", but we know indeed, that this is not invention, but evolution inside of two kinds of sport: paragliding and skydiving sport. The main point of this sport is to glide on the wing along the slope, passing trough the air gates that have height only 1.5 meters on the speed 100 km/h on the relief with the different angle of the slope. On this kind of sport we have our own downhill, slalom, cross-country and freeride. In this moment this sport is contained about two hundred sportsmen and students. Manufacturers are already about ten. Speedflying has another raisin - you can fly the whole of the year. On summer the pilots can fly, pushing away from foot. On winter pilots flies with skis, snowboards and ski-boards.